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Memory Eternal Cemetery Days

Honor your loved ones lost at our next Memory Eternal Cemetery Days!

Upcoming dates to be announced.


For 120 years, our family has been honored to celebrate the lives of lost loved ones. The dedication of our experienced professionals has allowed us to humbly serve our beloved families. You honor us by choosing us, from generation to generation over other alternatives, and we are continually striving to improve and personalize our services. We serve all faith denominations adhering to their particular rites.

Vanessa Adinamis

Our Mission

For over a decade, Chicago Funeral Home has maintained the central conventional Christian belief. We keep the Greek Orthodox Church funeral tradition sacrosanct.

Regardless of denomination, we serve every faith tradition with the same steadfastness.

We have been in support of the orthodox church across the Chicago metropolitan area, and have contributed to voluntary services for many years. Our team of experienced directors has extended funeral benefits to law enforcement, firefighters, military veterans, and other community services tradition.

Our experience includes transporting descendants to their resting places, including places outside Chicago and the United States of America.

We understand the grief that comes with losing a loved one. That is why we remain in contact with the families of the lost ones whose lives we’ve celebrated, to support them through their grief, with respect.


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